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One could accurately describe them as gods; though, they'd certainly prefer not to be called as such. When they crossed over into our world eons ago, some of our ancient ancestors considered them patrons. Others found them to be merciless oppressors.

Brother Seldom

Vestiges were the ancient gods of the Ethersea world, having entered the realm long ago. The vestiges made an oath amongst themselves to never share magic with mortals, an oath which the vestige Benevolence broke, leading to the creation of the Hominine kingdom, and its vestige-threatening sorcerers. Some vestiges fled to join the Einarr, where they forged new pacts and chose to act as collaborators rather than rulers.

The corpse of the vestige Coda was later found in the shadow of the Einarr Plateau, on the beach to which the Call summoned those who would later build Founders' Wake. Coda's body was used to build The Biggest Baby, the defense vessel of Founders' Wake, an act which unintentionally conferred a degree of sentience and will to the ship.

Vestiges who survived Hominine's conquest were presumably returned to the Vestigial plane by the zealous sect of Einarr who spirited away the top of the Plateau mid-Spring.