The Adventure Zone Wiki

Hey folks!

I'm like really new to the TAZ Wiki, so I hope I'm not overstepping the mark by starting a discussion on this, but I was curious!

Are the admins planning to make articles about the MaxFunDrive episodes? I see there's some info about Adventure Zone (K)nights, but couldn't find anything much for MaxFunDrive episodes and extras, such as the beach episode, the backstory episode etc, so I was wondering if that was something that wasn't planned or if it is something that could be added!

As these eps are reserved only for MaxFunDrive donors, it's understandable not to add the whole plots/scripts on here, to keep those exclusive as intended, but it might be useful to make articles for them anyway, as there's not really a good comprehensive list of all TAZ episodes anywhere, including the extras, so the episode page on this Wiki could be a great place for that! They are quite standalone, without much being referenced of them in the main/public episodes, but some trivia from them could perhaps be added to relevant character pages e.g: Magnus showing his love for ducks when whittling a duck in MaxFunDrive 2015. 

If I just have terrible eyesight and couldn't find these pages then please ignore me lmao, just thought I'd bring it up as I have the MaxFunDrive eps through a friend, so I am happy to make articles for them if wanted!

Thanks for your time!