The Umbra Staff is a magical weapon owned by Taako.

Description Edit

The Umbra Staff has the unique ability to absorb the power of wands belonging to wizards it defeats. However, this power may reset with each adventurer who masters it, as any abilities the crimson-robed skeleton might have collected did not transfer to Taako. The Umbra Staff can also absorb liches, as they are beings made of magic. In addition, the staff occasionally acts of its own accord; it scooted back over to Taako when he was incapacitated in Lucas's lab, and it jumped out of Magnus's hand when Taako lent it to him in the Felicity Wilds. Sometimes it lends additional power to the spells of its wielder, while other times it moves and fires off spells without being made to do so.

History Edit

Origins Edit

While originally thought to be crafted by an ancient order called the Umbra Wizards, this umbrella-shaped wand that contains the power of all schools of magic was actually created by Taako's twin sister, Lup, during her and the other Red Robes time at the Hanging Arcaneum. While hiding the Phoenix Fire Gauntlet in the vault at the Wave Echo Cave, Lup was killed by Cyrus Rockseeker, who had fallen under the gauntlet's thrall, and her lich form was sucked into the staff, trapping her inside.

Later Events Edit

The Umbra Staff and Lup's skeleton were later found by the boys in Wave Echo Cave following their confrontation with Magic Brian. When Merle touched the handle of the staff, it engaged him in a battle of intellect. Merle lost, and the staff rejected him, throwing him across the room. Undeterred by Merle's failure, Taako took the staff. He conquered it, and when he pulled it from the skeleton's grasp, the skeleton looked up at him and then disintegrated into ash. Taako has wielded the staff ever since.

On two notable occasions the staff has actively resisted Taako's will and acted on its own, first burning the letters "L" "U" "P" into the wall during Taako's magic lesson with Angus, later revealed to be Lup trying to communicate with Taako, and then attempting to launch a fireball at Kravitz shortly after Taako and Kravitz's date, mainly because she thought he was going to take her back to the Astral Plane due to being a lich.

After seeing Angus use the staff to cast a spell way above his level, Taako would end up snapping the Umbra Staff over his knee, thus freeing Lup, and finally reuniting the two twins.

However, during the events of The Adventure Zone: Live in Dallas!, Taako mentions that he has had time to remake the Umbra Staff between the events of the finale and the current events. He also references having it during The Adventure Zone: Candlenights in Tacoma!

Absorbed Items Edit

People and items vored absorbed by the Umbra Staff: