Tres Horny Boys are on holiday break. But who's that questing in their stead? Welcome the Hogsbottom Three back to... The Adventure Zone!

—The Announcer

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"We're all on holiday break as we spend some time with our recently expanded families, but instead of skipping a biweek, our friends at The Flop House put together a SUPER BEEFY bonus episode for us! The Hogsbottom Three, fresh off their MaxFunDrive Switcheroo debut, are up against some devious dangers whipped up by DM Stuart Wellington: an old foe, a volcanic giant and the deadliest bowl of chili ever stewed.

Strap in for a three-hour D&D session starring Stuart Wellington as DM, Elliott Kalan as the Dragonborn Bard Jeremy "Scales" Fangbattle, Dan McCoy as High Elf Druid Lucian Buttwatcher and Zhubin Parang as the noble Tanzer Silverview."

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Hathaway Redcheek - Wife of Scales Fangbattle

Darius Redcheek - Uncle of Hathaway Redcheek and father of the missing Noelle Redcheek

Tayana Silverview - Sister of Tanzer Silverview


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