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You see, magic has a cost. And when it goes unpaid, as it so often has, even the simplest of spells can produce a kind of volatile exhaust. This raw and dangerous arcane energy suffused the soil of every battleground, the sky over every citadel, the banks of every river, until convening –as all things do – in the sea.

Brother Seldom

The Ethersea is the primary setting of the Ethersea campaign. A large, all-encompassing and violent ocean, the Ethersea came into its current form as a result of magical pollution consolidating within its waters, warping and twisting much of that which resides within. Both the Traders of the Southern Archipelago and those who heard the Call chose to escape the impending apocalypse by fleeing beneath the waters of the Ethersea, building the Ark Ships and Founders' Wake, respectively.

A portion of the magic within the Ethersea consolidates as Prestige, a crystalline salt able to channel and fuel magic.

Other dangers and anomalies lurk in the depths still, waiting to be discovered.