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The full Crystal Kingdom OST album is available on Bandcamp. Its individual tracks are available on Griffin's Soundcloud.

All music featured in the arc was composed using GarageBand, with Griffin stating that "half of it was played on a Rock Band 3 Keyboard controller, the rest on a fancier MIDI-type dealie." It was later released on Bandcamp with an official track order, with several tracks from the preceding Lunar Interlude and the official release of the Fantasy CostCo jingle.

The vocals in all four parts of Crystal Kingdom are made using VOCALOID software. The specific voice bank used is AVANNA.


Crystal Minuet[]

Crystal Kingdom - Part One[]

The Elevator of Tomorrow[]

Oh Hey, It's Hodge Podge![]


A Far Friendlier Robot[]

Crystal Kingdom - Part Two[]

The Hugbear Family[]

Regulator Down[]

Zero Gravity Trash Ball[]

The Cosmoscope[]

Crystal Kingdom - Part Three[]

Upsy, Your Lifting Friend[]


[Track unavailable on Soundcloud]

Robot Rematch[]

Crystal Kingdom - Part Four[]

Legion (Or: A Pile of Ghosts)[]

See You Later[]

A Candlenights Miracle![]

Madam Director[]

Bonus: Fantasy Costco Jingle[]

Bonus: A Lunar Interlude[]