The full The Beast & The Water OST album is available on Bandcamp. Its individual tracks are available on Griffin's Soundcloud.

Music from the first two arcs of The Adventure Zone: Amnesty, and the themes to our three other experimental mini-arcs.

Featuring GUEST CONTRIBUTOR Justin McElroy's stirring acapella anthem for The Adventure Zone: Elementary.


The Adventure Zone: Amnesty ThemeEdit

The Arch in the WoodsEdit

Amnesty Lodge (Sunrise)Edit

The Beast, RevealedEdit

The Arch in the Woods (Refrain)Edit

Amnesty Lodge (Sunset)Edit

The Beast, ConfrontedEdit

The Water, ArrivalEdit


The Water, RevealedEdit


Waves on the RiverEdit

The Water, ConfrontedEdit

Another WorldEdit

Ski TripEdit

Bonus: The Adventure Zone: Commitment ThemeEdit

Bonus: The Adventure Zone: Dust ThemeEdit

Justin McElroy - Bonus: The Adventure Zone: Elementary ThemeEdit

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