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The full The Beast & The Water OST album is available on Bandcamp. Its individual tracks are available on Griffin's Soundcloud.

Music from the first two arcs of The Adventure Zone: Amnesty, and the themes to our three other experimental mini-arcs.

Featuring GUEST CONTRIBUTOR Justin McElroy's stirring acapella anthem for The Adventure Zone: Elementary.


The Adventure Zone: Amnesty Theme[]

The Arch in the Woods[]

Amnesty Lodge (Sunrise)[]

The Beast, Revealed[]

The Arch in the Woods (Refrain)[]

Amnesty Lodge (Sunset)[]

The Beast, Confronted[]

The Water, Arrival[]


The Water, Revealed[]


Waves on the River[]

The Water, Confronted[]

Another World[]

Ski Trip[]

Bonus: The Adventure Zone: Commitment Theme[]

Bonus: The Adventure Zone: Dust Theme[]

Justin McElroy - Bonus: The Adventure Zone: Elementary Theme[]