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The Beast (also called the Omnibear) was an abomination that terrorized the Monongahela National Forest for a short while. It was the target of the player's first hunt as members of the Pine Guard.

Physical Appearance[]

Shelled Form[]

The Beast's shelled form resembles an amalgamation of various forest animals, such as bear and deer, all looking lifeless and glued together by an unknown black liquid. This pelt is highly flammable, and ends up being easily burned away.

Unshelled Form[]

Underneath this shell is a lizard-like creature composed entirely of the black liquid. It has a tail that ends in a razor-sharp point and its face looks decomposed, with thin strands of slime connecting its top and bottom jaws, and has hollow eye sockets filled with an angry red light.

Powers and Abilities[]

The Beast's black ooze can control animal carcasses remotely. Is also attracted to animal scents and animals in general, probably out of a need to “absorb” them into its body and control them. Also very large.

Featured Episodes[]

Episodes featuring the Beast