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The Tres Horny Boys are dropped into a deadly virtual training program modeled after a classic D&D adventure. With the help of the Chat, can they make it through Lucas' trap-filled dungeon before their lives run out?

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  • Tomb of Horrors

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  • The "Old Fantasy Game" that Lucas puts the Tres Horny Boys through is based on "Tomb of Horrors", written by Dungeons & Dragons creator Gary Gygax in 1978. A new version of "The Tomb of Horrors" is included in Tales of the Yawning Portal, a modern collection of older adventure modules updated for fifth edition.
  • Big Bass Fishing was a real game released for the Sony PlayStation by Take-Two Interactive in 2002.
  • Move Move Celebration parodies both Konami's popular rhythm game Dance Dance Revolution, first released in arcades in 1998, and the reality television series So You Think You Can Dance.

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