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Just Us is a (so far) one-shot campaign played live in Atlanta in 2019.


We didn’t get to record at our usual time due to weather and power outages, so in lieu of a regular episode this week, we dug into the archives and found TAZ: Just Us, a live show Travis GM’d in 2019 in Atlanta!

For this show we played SuperNormal (designed by Ursidice), and our crew of super heroes attended just your average, every day company picnic. Of course, trying not to blow your secret identity is tough, especially when you can’t control your super-strength enough to squeeze ketchup onto a hotdog.


Big Company, Inc. is having an annual company picnic! Superheroes Opera Man, Hell Raven, and Doc Pantheon must participate in field day events at the company picnic, deal with a dearth of gluten free buns, and play a softball game against


The system for this episode is Supernormal by Ursidice. This is a mini RPG where players act as superheroes with unstable powers, just trying to enjoy their day off. The system uses six sided dice.

Doing something super powered is easy, doing something superpowered and showing it off is harder, and doing something normal? Very difficult.


  • Justin McElroy as Opera Man (a.k.a Joe Lunchpail)
    • Special Powers: Echolocation, time distortion, astral projection
    • Job: Forklift foreman (does not know anything about the opera)
    • Additional alias: Other Opera Man
  • Griffin McElroy as Hell Raven (a.k.a Del Kraven)
    • Special Powers: Shape-shifting, mind control, and animal friendship
    • Job: Parting Planning for Big Company, Inc.
  • Clint McElroy as Doc Pantheon (a.k.a Pep Sturdley)
    • Special Powers: wisdom of Osiris, speed of Hermes, the control of time of Saturn, fire of Hephaestus, flight of Icarus, and telepathy of Tinjin
    • Job: Runs the Big Company, Inc. daycare

Image of costumes via Reddit.

Special Guest Inspirational Speaker: Kardala

Featured NPCs[]

  • Kevin
  • Emily Pemberly
  • Billy

Featured Locations[]

  • Big City, USA
  • Big Company, Inc.