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Hootenanny is a (so far) one-shot campaign played live in Nashville.


As we ready ourselves for the next season of Adventure Zone, we’ve got some special programming lined up for you! The first is this: Our live show from this past summer, live at the Ryman Theater in Nashville! It’s a country western space opera, or, if you will: A Space Opry. Enjoy!


Earth's music is in vogue again. Playing at the interplanetarily broadcasted Grand New Opry are several bands. The headlining act will attain untold riches, fame, and fortune. The openers... well, let's just find out what'll happen to them.


The system used for Hootenanny is called "Lasers and Feelings". The system is based on a 6-point scale from "lasers" (toughness, fighting, etc) to "feelings" (emotions, communication, etc). PCs have a stat from 1 to 6 that establishes their tendency towards one or the other by virtue of weight. Players roll a d6 on this scale when they choose to take an action. Depending on how adept a PC is at the action which they are trying to take, the GM may grant the player more d6s to roll, at which point the level of success depends on how many of the d6s land within the correct range.

Rolling below the stat counts as lasers (and is therefore preferable when one is rolling for lasers and unwanted when one is rolling for feelings), and vice versa for feelings. Rolling exactly equal to the stat is called "Laser Feelings", and counts as a success either way. Alternately, players can cash in a Laser Feelings roll to ask the GM one question.


  • Justin McElroy as Pepsi Liberty
  • Travis McElroy as Shoots McCracken
  • Clint McElroy as Benny Gene Esserit

Featured NPCs[]

Featured Locations[]

  • Grand New Opry
  • Shuckstack