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Sylvain is a beautiful place, but the things its people do to survive are... unbearable.


Sylvain is a planet outside of Earth's solar system. It is one the main settings of the Amnesty campaign, alongside Kepler.


Residents of Sylvain refer to themselves as sylphs and can be split into two main groups. Native sylphs tend to resemble monsters from Earth's folklore, such as vampires or ghosts. Meanwhile, if an Earthling animal wanders into Sylvain, the ambient magic will slowly transform its mind and body, granting it intelligence and a body suited to bipedal movement. Both types of sylphs feed off the life energy of the planet itself for sustenance.

Notable Locations[]

Gate to Kepler[]

A stone archway in the middle of a large, circular pavilion, surrounded by large stones columns holding up a solid stone roof. It is a gateway between Sylvain and Kepler.


Chicane, previously known as Sylvain City due to its status as the only inhabitable place on the planet, is a city on Sylvain. Its buildings are described to be rounded and curved, and it is directly adjacent to the gate. It is named in honor of Ned Chicane.


A castle made of gray cobblestone. In the large courtyard in front of this castle is a 15-foot-high crystal jutting up through the ground and a bright orange light pulsating from within it.


Located under the city and the home of Heathcliff, the Enchanter.