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Roswell is Sheriff Isaak’s deputy and acts as the primary law-enforcer of Refuge.

Description and Appearance[]

They are named after Sheriff Isaak's father (a safety inspector)

Roswell is an Earth Elemental created by Jack. Their body is made of living red clay contained by a suit of armor.[1] Roswell has a faint yellow glow all around them, perhaps remnants of the spell that gave them life. The visor of their armor is pulled down, and dark red clay seeps out of the joints of the suit. They are as wide as they are tall and they are very large in both dimensions.

A vermillion flycatcher[2] perched atop their shoulder acts as both their voice and as an extension of their body. When asked, they indicated that they did not consider their armored body and bird to be separate beings. The vermillion flycatcher is a red bird found in canyon regions. 

Though Roswell was made from a spell, they operate under their own volition. They are unable to be controlled by magic unless someone speaks their command word: "junebug". It’s their job to keep the town safe.

Roswell’s voice is high-pitched, as they speak through the mouth of a very small bird.

Roswell carries a massive halberd. They have a deputy’s star affixed to their armor. (JUSTIN: Wait, how is it affixed? GRIFFIN: Poorly.)

Roswell was created in the bubble, indicating perhaps that they are about one to one and a half years old. They could identify everyone in town, given enough time.

In most of the loops, Roswell dies in the fire in the bank just before noon.

  • GRIFFIN: If this were Everquest and you were to con this thing, it would fuck you right up.
  • TRAVIS: It’s just skulls all around, then.


  • Ep. 42: Roswell meets up with the boys under the gate, escorts them to prison, gives them the lay of the land and tells them to wait for Sheriff Isaak. When the trouble with the purple ruffians starts, Roswell goes running to try and stop it.
  • Ep. 43: Roswell asks the visitors to identify themselves, to which Taako bluffs that the team is here for an appointment with Sheriff Isaak. Magnus helps by saying Sheriff Isaak thought they might be able to help with the bandana’d renegades. Taako rolls a natural 20, meaning Roswell welcomes them into town despite their reservations. Magnus asks Roswell about security for the bank, which Roswell finds very suspicious, especially because they never introduced themselves to them. Roswell asks why Sheriff Isaak sent them to help. The guys start questioning Roswell’s competence and the Sheriff’s confidence in their talents, which makes Roswell feel like they’re getting dunked on a bit. Later in the episode, Roswell sees Magnus stealing diamonds at the bank and says, sarcastically, “Wow, sure am glad Sheriff Isaak brought you in to help! You’re really doing the Lord’s work there.” Magnus responds, “Don’t worry, I’ll do better on the next time!”
  • Ep. 44: Magnus tries something different upon seeing Roswell: telling the truth. It works. From here on in, the boys get past Roswell very easily in every loop. Roswell stays behind to protect the town while the PCs go play with their lives in the quarry.

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  • Roswell was named by Sherrif Isaak, after his own father.
  • Since Roswell is an  Earth Elemental they have Earth Glide. The elemental can burrow through nonmagical, unworked earth and stone. While doing so, the elemental doesn't disturb the material it moves through.
  • Their vulnerability is thunder.
  • They are resistant to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing from nonmagical weapons. They are also immune to poison
  • They have Darkvision up to 60 Ft. and Tremorsense up to 60 Ft.
  • Without homebrew additions their stats are STR 20 (+5), DEX 8 (-1), CON 20 (+5), INT 5 (-3), WIS 10 (+0), and CHA 5 (-3)

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