Redmond is a farmer living in Refuge. He's described as wearing fairly humble farmer's clothing. He has a big, bushy brown beard. He looks kind of soft, for lack of a better term. He's a bigger dude with an imposing frame and has a big, booming voice.

He is the leader of the Liberation Brigade, also known as the purple-kerchiefed bandits. He commands respect from his ruffian friends and Liberation Brigadiers, but also kind of seems like everyone's favorite uncle. He's got a stew going.

His farm was cut in half by the bubble, so he is very motivated to get that figured out.

He is one of "the Brothers." He and his brother Luca came to the town before the bubble. They came together to start up the Temple of Istus, and he went off into the private sector and started up the farm.

Items Edit

  • Gang of Ruffians
  • Half a farm

Featured Episodes Edit

Episodes featuring Redmond
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