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Our ancestors grew legs - we'll grow gills.

—Old Joshy[src]

Ol' Joshy, also referred to as Uncle Joshy or Ol' Uncle Joshy, is a charlatan who joins the Founders on their beach settlement at the base of the Einarr Plateau.

He is first noted by the community when he opens "Ol’ Joshy’s Training Ground for Psychic Soldiers Against Blink Sharks", causing the community to hold a discussion about whether they should do something about him. However, the community decides that the "Joshy problem" will "likely resolve itself". He gains support from Enos Clackelroy after Enos' father, Mint Clackelroy, is killed by blink sharks. By mid-autumn, Joshy declares his shark-fighting mission a success as the blink sharks have left the region (although settlers strongly suspect the sharks were driven away by the weather, not psychic warriors). He then renovates his school building into a Bathhouse interior design depot.

After the migration to Founders' Wake, he and his misanthropic followers move into a region at the base of the Forecastle, renaming it "Joshy's Knuckle". There, one can hire psychic shark warriors or purchase seasonings, decorations, and possibly illicit goods such as Grotto, provided that one has enough of Joshy's personal currency, lux.