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This page is for minor characters from the Graduation arc that don't actually get a chance to speak in the story, or have very brief appearances, and so do not have enough information to be put into a non-stub article.

Graduation Minor Characters[]


A miner in Hope's magical ore mine and employee of Reginald Ore, who represents the workers in an insurance liability dispute that the Thundermen must resolve for a real-world assignment.


The second-in-command of Malwin the Strong, leader of the centaurs of The Scarlet Woods. Diana greets the Thundermen when they arrive on-site for their real world assignment.


An imp found infesting a hospital under the employ of Terrence. His name has about 16 characters, most of which are ampersands or asterisks, but it is pronounced identically to "Ian" and the true spelling is left unspecified. He is more amiable than most of the imps, having recently rethought a lot of his life decisions, and pursues a new life making artisanal cheese.

Jade Johnson, Esq.[]

A lawyer in Hope who helped the Thundermen sue a monster, which was radical, but yelled at Argo about some mints. Fitzroy left her one star (the least number of stars) on Fyelp.

Jaryd Reginald[]

The owner of Reginald Ore, a business in Hope. He demanded that the workers dig deeper after the depletion of a magical ore vein, leading to an insurance liability dispute that the Thundermen must resolve for a real-world assignment.

Jerry Maplecourt[]

Husband of Dendra Maplecourt, and the father of Fitzroy. He works as a long-haul caravanner, and is most likely either an elf or a human.


Ogre is the name of an ogre who once worked with a satyr to rob travelers. After Argo killed the satyr, Master Firbolg gave Ogre entrepreneurial advice, and convinced Ogre to eat the satyr's body (via Charm Person).


Osrick, an elf, is the head of the bursar's office at Hieronymous Wiggenstaff's School for Heroism and Villainy. He subscribes to BoyCloaks Magazine.

Snow on the Mountain[]

A powerful-looking black shire pegasus with white wings and white leg markings, who is a friend of Breeze Through the Willows and carries the Firbolg away from the demon attack at Hope.

Storm at Sea[]

A spirited blue roan Peruvian Paso pegasus with silver wings, who is a friend of Breeze Through the Willows and carries Argo away from the demon attack at Hope.

Sylvia Nite[]

The headmaster of Clyde Nite's Night Knight School, who Fitzroy turned into a catfish during his Magical Theory class. She was transformed back by the assistant professor, and expelled Fitzroy almost immediately afterwards.


He and his imps are sent to a hospital in Hope to distract the Thundermen and take the blame for the weird stuff happening at the school—a plan that fails, because Terrence apparently can't lie to save his demonic life. Before he dies, he does almost kill Argo, though.

Tom and Geraldine[]

Tom and Geraldine, or Gerry for short, are adopted siblings and the shopkeepers at Barns and Nobles in Hope. In true TAZ tradition, they are named after a cartoon cat (and mouse, in Geraldine's case).


Argo's first mate aboard the Mariah in the vision of a potential future that was shown by Chaos.

Xorn Xorn from Low Down Deep[]

An earth elemental who fell through a rift, destroying a magical ore mine and bringing its operation to a halt. He was lost and desperate for rocks to eat, and regretted the cave's destruction once he realized what had happened. After serving him a subpoena, the Thundermen helped him return to the Plane of Earth.