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This page is for minor characters from the Dust arc that don't actually get a chance to speak in the story, or have very brief appearance, and so do not have enough information to be put into a non-stub article.

Dust Minor Characters[]

Daria Cross[]

Ex-criminal wizard who attempted to help Errol reverse his transformation, but instead trapped him in a permanently half-transformed state. Nevertheless, the Banshee considers her a traitor and she is now being hidden on Carrion Street.

Deputy Rosa[]

Second-in-command for Dry River's branch of the Law. She is generally portrayed as nervous and stricken, but to be fair, she's having a rough day. After the climax of the arc, she is declared the new sheriff in town by Errol.

Ellis and Blackwood[]

A pair of grunts in the Banshee's organization. Ellis is very congenial and was deeply offended when Errol distrusted him. Blackwood never spoke, but was intimidating, and acted as Ellis's emotional support.


A ghost gambler found at the Sterling who witnessed Jeremiah celebrating. Gandy beats her at poker in exchange for questions and, while Em answers good-naturedly, she does try to push for another round of poker and quickly cut Gandy off after the five questions were asked.

Father Dante[]

Unseen priest at Dry River's Church.

Flint Chittles[]

Owner of a mining company outside of Dry River that wanted the same property as Parson's Cashew Company, and suspected in the murder of Augustus. Augustus hired Gandy and Errol for that purpose, but Errol, intentionally or not, ruined the investigation.

Garrett Althiser[]

In Augustus's life, he was a yes-man. In death, a poorly-established line of succession made him the new CEO of Parson's Cashew Company, which Augustus is absolutely furious about.

Jonathan Mathis[]

Abigail's late-but-not-gone husband, found by Augustus at the Graveyard. He reported that he sensed a spirit pass through, and it was full of confusion and betrayal. He was a Flesh, and this trait was passed on to his daughter, Anne.

Joseph Blackwell[]

Patriarch of the Blackwell family. After discovering the death of his son and its intention, he ensures that Dylan gets to a doctor and comforts Anne. Days later, he hires the Grayson Agency to find his next heir, his daughter in Crescent City.

Julian Mathis[]

A son of the Mathis family who, while only mentioned, has a house next to his mother's.


The previous owner of the Sterling, who vanished two years ago immediately after Isabella Slate's arrival. He wasn't very nice, so apparently nobody looked into it. Later, it is discovered that he was involved in criminal activities. He is currently locked in a cage in Isabella's basement and used as a Capri-Sun every night.

Marie Jacobs[]

A Fur who runs the local depot and tries to stay neutral in the Blackwell-Mathis feud. She fondly recalled how Dylan, Anne, and Jeremiah grew up together, but then explained that she was present when Dylan ran out of the bar. She also told Wilder to "grow up" and give Errol a root beer, which was awfully nice of her.

Mr. Silver[]

A tailor who owns Silver's Linings and was the first to find Dylan with Jeremiah's body.

Tommy Nox[]

Joseph's second, who accompanies him to the station and brings Dylan to a doctor. He was completely separate from the crime, but the Sheriff's insistence on his innocence causes Augustus to immediately mark him as a suspect.


Owner of the Full Moon Saloon. He is an older man and extremely intimidating, but can also be childish, such as refusing Errol a root beer despite his many requests.