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The past... isn't pristine.

—MaxFun Summary

The Zone of Adventure is a bonus mini-series using the world of The Adventure Zone: Balance and GM'd by Aabria Iyengar.


It's been ten years since the Day of Story and Song. A trio of former adventurers named Taako, Merle, and Magnus, alongside their former captain Davenport, are called upon by a herald of Istus to fight a new foe that threatens to destroy time itself.


Player Characters[]

Campaign NPCs[]


  • The Slow Burn


Title Air Date Link Runtime
The Zone of Adventure: Imbalance - Episode 1 November 11, 2021 Watch 1:28:49
A new DM takes the reins, old friends get a chance to catch up, and a dinner party is interrupted by an uninvited guest.
The Zone of Adventure: Imbalance - Episode 2 November 17, 2021 Watch 1:13:43
Magnus rushes in. Taako considers a new career path. Merle forges a new connection. The Captain does some housekeeping. Who can still handle themselves in a fight, and who exactly are they even fighting?
The Zone of Adventure: Imbalance - Episode 3 November 24, 2021 Watch 1:19:17
Our heroes confront the possibility of the past. The Captain encounters an angel. Magnus gets a hand from an old friend. Taako gets his weapon back. Merle gets confused.