The Magnetic Charge is a glass ball that can produce a magnetic field.

Description Edit

Looks like a fist-sized glass ball with a blue button on top. Once the button is pressed, the ball will begin to glow and produce a magnetic field that lasts two rounds of combat. The field repels any metal objects within ten feet from the ball. Takes one day for enough charge to be built up to use.

Episodes Used Edit

  • Ep. 57: Mannequin Magnus takes the Magnetic Charge from Edward, who is possessing his actual body, and uses it to fling away all his weapons and armor.
  • The Adventure Zone: Live in Dallas!: Magnus throws the Magnetic Charge into the tailpipe of the battle wagon resembling a vape pen, tearing the back of the battle wagon apart and leaving 2 of the 4 drivers on the course.

Trivia Edit

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