Maarvey (or possibly, Maarvi, Maarvy, Maarvie, or Maarfie, spelling very unclear) is the boss of the Hammerhead Gang.

History Edit

Petals to the Metal Edit

We first meet Maarvey after Jerreeeeee has come in to check with him about letting Merle and Magnus join the gang. He at first appears to be a nerdy paper pusher, but is in fact the boss of the Hammerheads.

When our heroes get into a fight with the Hammerheads, Maarvey uses a stun baton (much like they might use at the shitty Goldcliff Zoo) on Taako. In the next round, though, Taako grabs the baton and shoves it in his face, causing Maarvey to collapse, convulse, and piss himself (it's pretty upsetting). Taako helps himself to Maarvey’s stun baton and grabs his key to steal the Arcane Core. 

During the Battle Wagon Race, Maarvey drives the Hammerhead Tank, and is one of the final competitors Team Ram comes up against. During the race, he is killed by Magnus's Railsplitter, but not before giving him one last middle finger.  

The Crystal Kingdom Edit

Some time later, Maarvey returns as one of three spiritual escapees from the Astral Plane, who have taken robotic form and attempt to take vengeance on the main party. After a long fight, Maarvey and his two companions are banished back to the Astral Plane by Merle.[1]

Spells and Abilities Edit

  • Leadership
  • Taunting

Items Edit

Current Items Edit

The dead have no items, especially after Taako is done with them.

Former Items Edit

  • Stun Baton
  • Hammerhead Battle Wagon
  • Briefly, a robot body for his soul to inhabit

Featured Episodes Edit

Episodes featuring Maarvey

References and Footnotes Edit

  1. Originally said to be spiritually obliterated, but revealed in the next episode to actually be banished.