Lucian Buttwatcher is a player character controlled by Dan McCoy. He is part of two bonus episodes unrelated to the main campaign. He is a tall, high-elf druid hermit searching for spiritual enlightenment and cosmic truth, regardless whether the knowledge he seeks could destroy the world. He has piercing pale-green eyes and long silvery hair.

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  • Vine cloak
    • Received from Mrs. Thorn for solving the murder of her husband.
  • A selection of kimonos

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  • Lucian Buttwatcher, alongside Tanzer Silverview and Scales Fangbattle, uncovered Arthur Tapwell's plot to steal the Redcheek family cider business and fought alongside them in the Battle of Hogsbottom.
  • He solved the murder of the druid leader Jesse Thorn at MaxFungiCon along with his sidekick Gartholomule.

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