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Proceed at your own risk if you have not yet listened to Episode 36 and beyond.

Locus Prime, also known as the World of Light, is the planet previously home to the Four-Armed People.


Scientific advances[]

Locus Prime was noted to have made incredible leaps and bounds in the field of science. It continued to make advances in science despite repeated destruction by aliens. Its scientific developments were so advanced that in the present and during the events of Amnesty, its technology far surpassed the border of science fiction territory.

Its most significant scientific advancements included:

Alien contact[]

After Locus Prime made first contact with extraterrestrial life, they were met with an assault. It resulted in mass destruction of a majority of the citizens of the planet, though they were able to win a Pyrrhic victory. Their next attempt at contacting aliens went the same way. This continued for an unspecified amount of time before they decided to create a way to prevent it.


Primary article: Reconciliation

After multiple assaults by other planets, Locus Prime developed a system to pit warlike worlds against each other, with the aim of destroying both populations and preventing their aggression from affecting the peaceful masses of the galaxy. It used their rift technology, and was successful in its mission until one marked world infiltrated the center of operations with help from past victims of Reconciliation and killed the D.O.M.