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Dadlands, carrying the technical meta-title of Inheritance to keep with the TAZ alphabetical naming convention, is the name of:

  • An episode of The Adventure Zone
  • A one-off arc comprising that episode
  • The system and game used to play the aforementioned arc and episode

It is the third of three special non-Balance live shows, and the second of two campaigns created specifically for the purpose of said shows. Dimension 20's Brennan Lee Mulligan guests in the first (and so far only) episode as the GM (Game Mom).


There lives a world in which Moms and Children have gone extinct. Within this world, only Dads remain. The Dads are divided into six camps: the Grill Dads, the Vacation Dads, the Sports Dads, the Car Dads, the Drama Dads, and the Craft Dads. The six form a great unity of camaraderie and bad puns, or at least, they did... until the Craft Dads betrayed them.


The system and the game within the system are both called Dadlands. The system is largely improvisational, with characters inventing actions to take and drawing from chips to see if they are able. Depending on the nature of their action, they pull either Law (green token) or Chaos (red token). If they pull successfully, they obtain one of the correspondingly colored tokens. If they pull unsuccessfully, they lose one in the same manner.