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The Adventure Zone features many strange, world changing, and occasionally mundane items.

Balance Items[]

Adamant Spanner[]

Main article: Adamant Spanner

The Adamant Spanner is a magical wrench with the power to repair things.

Broom of Flying[]

Main article: Broom of Flying

The Broom of Flying is, unsurprisingly, a broom that can fly.

Caleb Cleveland, Kid Cop[]

Main article: Caleb Cleveland, Kid Cop

Caleb Cleveland, Kid Cop is a series of juvenile mystery novels.

Chance Lance[]

Main article: Chance Lance

The Chance Lance is a weapon given to Magnus Burnsides by the goddess Istus.

Extreme Teen Bible[]

Main article: Extreme Teen Bible

The Extreme Teen Bible is a holy symbol wielded by Merle Highchurch.

Fantasy Gachapon[]

Main article: Fantasy Gachapon

The Fantasy Gachapon is a chance-based dispenser of magic items utilized by the Bureau of Balance.

Flaming Poisoning Raging Sword Of Doom[]

Main article: Flaming Poisoning Raging Sword Of Doom

The Flaming Poisoning Raging Sword Of Doom is an overpowered sword found at Fantasy Costco.

The Glutton's Fork[]

Main article: The Glutton's Fork

A fork that can transform non-magical objects into food.

Grand Relics[]

Main article: Grand Relics

Seven items that are so strong their use could grossly upset the balance of power in the world, causing massive war and turmoil.

Hole Thrower[]

Main article: Hole Thrower

A slingshot that can throw holes into things.

Lens of Straight Creepin'[]

Main article: Lens of Straight Creepin'

An item that allows its user to track someone's movements.

The Light of Creation[]

Main article: The Light of Creation

A mysterious force described as being the power to create anything given a tangible form, possibly having been used to create the entire multiverse.

Magnetic Charge[]

Main article: Magnetic Charge

A glass ball that can produce a magnetic field.

Mathias, the Living Grimoire[]

Main article: Mathias, the Living Grimoire

A clockwork owl that can recite arcane knowledge on command and allow its user to prep one spell they don't know once per day.

Mockingbird Gum[]

Main article: Mockingbird Gum

Gum that allows anyone chewing it to emulate another person’s voice for one hour.


Main article: Nitpicker

A highly sarcastic, cantankerous humanoid resembling a garden gnome who can pick locks twice a day.

Null Suits[]

Main article: Null Suits

An invention by Lucas Miller which cancel out any school of magic.

Phantom Fist[]

Main article: Phantom Fist

A gauntlet that projects a spectral hand around itself that knocks enemies back 2d4 feet.

Phone-a-Friend Scrybones[]

Main article: Phone-a-Friend Scrybones

Magical bones that enable the bearer to ask the Dungeon Master a yes-or-no question once per day.


Main article: Railsplitter

An ax offers +1 to attack and damage rolls, as well as the ability to fell any tree once per day.

Ring of the Grammarian[]

Main article: Ring of the Grammarian

A ring that allows the wearer to change one letter of a spell name, giving the spell a different effect.

Scuttle Buddy[]

Main article: Scuttle Buddy

A mechanical beetle that can be wound up and used as a scout, spy, or conversational partner (though he won't have anything interesting to say).

Shield of Heroic Memories[]

Main article: Shield of Heroic Memories

A magical shield that remembers the enemies the user has encountered, gaining a +1 to AC on any subsequent battle with creatures of that type.

The Slicer of T'pire Weir Isles[]

Main article: The Slicer of T'pire Weir Isles

A stone which, on a successful Persuasion check, can be traded to anyone for the most valuable thing they have in their possession.

Stone of Farspeech[]

Main article: Stone of Farspeech

Basically a fantasy walkie-talkie or, if you prefer, a fantasy smartphone.

Tarantula Bracelet[]

Main article: Tarantula Bracelet

A bracelet that allows its wearer to climb things.

Umbra Staff[]

Main article: Umbra Staff

An umbrella wand with the unique ability to absorb the power of wands belonging to wizards it defeats.

Wand of Switcheroo[]

Main article: Wand of Switcheroo

A magical item that allows the user to change places with a target.