The Lens of Straight Creepin' is an item that allows its user to track someone's movements.

Description Edit

Allows the user to find footprints, tracks or markings of any person or thing that traveled through the area recently once per day.

Episodes Edit

  • Ep. 17: Magnus purchases the Lens from Fantasy Costco.
  • Ep. 18: Used in an attempt to track down The Raven, but it instead just picks up some tracks left by some vagrant kids playing with a hoop and stick.
  • Ep. 24: Used to attempt to track down a battlewagon door.
  • Ep. 42: Used to track Roswell's footprints.
  • Ep. 43: Used to make sure they're not accidentally following the ruffians.
  • Ep. 44: Used to help figure out the mine locker puzzle.
  • Ep. 45: Used to ascertain that no one has left or entered the elder's manor in a long time.
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