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Joaquin Terrero, otherwise known as "The Man Wreathed In Flames", is a high school student from the Plane of Thought (aka. our world) who, on the day of the apocalypse, was filling in for his shithead brother at a South Beach Taco's food truck.

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Joaquin is first introduced barricading himself in his food truck from The Hunger's attack on his homeworld. He is suddenly contacted by Taako who has retrieved an emerald mirror from the Bag of Necessity given to him by Istus. The mirror acts as a portal between their planes, allowing them to communicate. From Joaquin's perspective, the portal is situated in a frying pan that's hanging on a rack. After the shock of seeing an elf in his frying pan wears off, Joaquin, like everybody else affected by the Voidfish's and Junior's song, is able to recognize that this is the fabled "Taako from TV". Taako, in turn, realizes that the person in front of him is the "The Man Wreathed In Flame", foretold to him by Paloma, after seeing that Joaquin is wearing an apron covered in a design that looks like flames.

Taako discloses this information to Joaquin, and, on a hunch that his entire life has been leading to this moment, explains that he needs him to teach him how to make a taco. Joaquin obliges, and the two of them create two of the most perfect tacos ever created. The two of them take a bite out of their respective tacos and are subsequently filled with unimaginable destiny powers. Taako turns back to his quest of opening a portal to the astral plane and Joaquin emerges from his now wrecked food truck, his body now surrounded with crackling red electricity and his hair standing slightly on end. Now powerful enough to fight back, Joaquin starts using these powers to save his home plane from The Hunger's attack.

Later on, Taako uses the Bond Engine to summon Joaquin so he can help him and the other boys fight Final John. Once he does, Joaquin comes out of a portal floating on some electricity shooting downward out of the palm of his hands, and he runs up and hugs Taako, this being the first time the two of them have actually met face to face. Joaquin then proceeds to, Pharah-style, blast the orbs floating above Final John on the behest of Taako, and, in the process, destroys the red orb. His job done, heads back through the portal leading back to his world so he can continue to fight off the Hunger's forces invading his home plane.

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Thanks to his heroics during the Day of Story and Song, Joaquin would become a public figure and celebrity in his home plane, and he now uses this newfound fame to help spread Taako's brand.

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  • Joaquin mains Genji in Overwatch. However, the 6 round magic shot he uses when fighting the Hunger mimics McCree's ultimate.
    • When summoned by Taako in the battle against Final John, he mimics Pharah's ultimate and rains justice from above.
    • However, the user he was named after is a Zenyatta main, and references Junkrat in their tumblr url. What is the truth?
  • Joaquin wears braces.
  • Joaquin was named after Tumblr user junkerrat[1]
  • The taco that Joaquin teaches Taako to make is a picadillo taco [2]

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