Jake Coolice is an employee and resident of Amnesty Lodge.

Personality Edit

Just a radical and chill dude in general. He is babey.

History Edit

Amnesty Edit

Kepler Stunt Club Edit

Jake was once part of the Kepler Stunt Club, a group formed for the sake of getting some thrills. Due to the local police cracking down on them, some members decided to re-brand as The Hornets. Not loving the new scene there, Jake left the club leading to some beef with them.

Hunt for the Water Edit

Jake is captured by The Water as it is invading the Lodge's hot springs but is rescued by Duck Newton who manages to drive it off.

JAKE: [throws up some water] Ugh... that was... so... not tubular.

Hunt for the Calamity Edit

The gang decides to take Jake along to investigate the car accident surrounding Ranger Rick Dannon's death, and he gives them their first clue about the strange "snow" that precedes the coming disasters.

Later, after their first encounter with the mysterious caller, Jake runs from the hospital to the payphone and somehow manages to search the entire phone book to locate the number in a matter of minutes. When Duck acts surprised, Jake replies, "Is that weird? I just went through it really fast." Jake's alternate identity hadn't been revealed (before Episode 31), and Clint joked that he may in fact be a Beholder.[1] It was revealed though, that Jake is some kind of anthropomorphic Seal, perhaps a Selkie.

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Episodes featuring Jake

Trivia Edit

  • Jake Coolice was created from a gag in the Setup episode for Amnesty.
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