Istus is a "less trafficked" goddess. She controls fate, destiny, and time.

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When she appears to the party, Istus is knitting something, which could very well be the fate of all reality.

Istus has a temple in the town of Refuge. The temple was lost to time and in ruins for most of The Eleventh Hour, though the people in town thought there had been an explosion (on the part of Cassidy) because it happened so quickly. It was later restored by Luca and Redmond at the end of the arc.

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When asked why Tacos gave Taako power Griffin said

"I like the idea of thinking about like predestination and deities and if there's a deity who designs fate is everything that happened in the podcast completely meaningless because all of it was sort of the design of this deity and the answer is no. My idea for Istus is that she does have sort of a design, and with, and- and bonds are, sort of, there was a connection between bonds are these white threads that's how they're visually represented and she is , you know, she- she does, you know, celestial needlepoint in a way?

"And so bonds represent these connections that are extremely powerful in this world. We saw them being used, to accomplish these incredible things, whether that was Roswell’s creation was the result of a bond, and Hurley, jumping into the vines and healing Sloane, that was a bond, and so Istus has these designs, and tries to fulfil these designs, by giving out some power in some way to the people who are involved in the designs. And so Taako and Joaquin’s connection was part of this fate's design, and this, this moment where you, you know, cooked together and you ate this dish, represented sort of the culmination of this bond and so both of you received the power of the bond in a very very powerful way."

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