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Hollis is the head of the Hornets motorcycle gang in Kepler, West Virginia.

Physical appearance[]

Hollis, at least while snowboarding, wears a bright yellow jacket with black accents, which distinguishes them from the rest of the Hornets.



Early Life[]

Hollis was a member of the Kepler Stunt Club, a group of extreme sports enthusiasts who frequently recorded videos of things such as snowboarding and mountain biking. Eventually, they were chosen as the club's leader when it began to focus more on illegal activities, as a form of rebellion against the sheriff, after which the club renamed themselves the Hornets, and member Jake Coolice left.

Lunar Interlude I[]

During a Lunar Interlude, Hollis met Aubrey while the Hornets were filming a snowboarding video, where their member Keith attempted to antagonize her and Jake. Hollis intervened, apologizing on behalf of Keith.

Hunt for the Countenance[]

Sometime in the late winter, the Hornets were at their usual bar when an abomination attacked, killing two members of the group. Attempting to chase it down, Keith told Hollis suspicions he had of the Pine Guard's involvement with magic. They figured out the residents of Amnesty Lodge are monster hunters and believed they were doing a lackluster job of protecting the town. Despite protests from Duck, Hollis and the Hornets went on the lookout for monsters. Not long afterwards, while searching for the abomination, Hollis encountered Duck and Sheriff Owens fighting it. They joined the two in their hunt, where Duck admitted that they were correct in assuming monsters are real, and the three successfully chased it off to the archway leading to Sylvain.

Featured Episodes[]

Episodes featuring Hollis


  • Hollis is the third The Adventure Zone character to use they/them pronouns, after Roswell and Ash.