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Proceed at your own risk if you have not yet listened to Episode 59 and beyond.

The Grand Relics are seven items that are so strong their use could grossly upset the balance of power in the world, causing massive war and turmoil. According to the Director, every kingdom and religious community once sought to control relics until the memory of the relics was erased by the Voidfish, under control of the Bureau of Balance. The bureau now seeks to destroy the relics.

There are seven Grand Relics. The relics were created and spread around the world by The Red Robes in an attempt to keep The Hunger from tracking them down to the new plane they lived on.

Thus far, each relic that the PCs have encountered (with the exception of the Phoenix Fire Gauntlet) has displayed a degree of sentience, and all of them, Gauntlet included, attempt to either corrupt or persuade anyone who retrieves them into using their powers. During The Eleventh Hour, the Temporal Chalice — through June — revealed that each Grand Relic contains an aspect of ancient power, later revealed to be the Light of Creation. It was revealed why The Red Robes created the relics in Lunar Interlude V - Part 2.

Each of the relics are designed to apply to one particular school of magic, and while Enchantment is conspicuously absent, it is possible it is present within the thrall of each relic.

Grand Relics
Relic Status First Mentioned Last Mentioned Powers School of Magic Creator
The Phoenix Fire Gauntlet Absorbed into the Bulwark Staff Episode 5 - Here There Be Gerblins Chapter 5 Episode 8 - Moonlighting Chapter Two Conjuring of mystic fire, eventually consuming the wielder Evocation Lup
The Oculus Absorbed into the Bulwark Staff Episode 10 - Murder on the Rockport Limited Chapter One Episode 16 - Murder on the Rockport Limited Chapter Seven Able to turn anything created with illusion magic into something real Illusion Davenport
The Gaia Sash Absorbed into the Bulwark Staff Episode 18 - Petals to the Metal Chapter One Episode 28 - Lunar Interlude II: Internal Affairs Absolute power over the realm of nature. Conjuration Merle
The Philosopher's Stone Absorbed into the Bulwark Staff Episode 29 - The Crystal Kingdom Chapter One Episode 39 - The Crystal Kingdom Chapter Eleven Transmutation of any matter into any other form of matter Transmutation Taako
The Temporal Chalice Absorbed into the Bulwark Staff Episode 41 - The Eleventh Hour Chapter One Episode 49 - The Eleventh Hour Chapter Nine Complete control over the flow of time. Divination Magnus
The Animus Bell Absorbed into the Bulwark Staff Episode 51 - The Suffering Game Chapter One Episode 69 - Story and Song - Finale, Part Three The ability to tear a person's life force from their body and replace it with your own Necromancy Barry
The Bulwark Staff Active.

In possession of Lucretia


Episode 8 - Moonlighting

(Status as grand relic)

Episode 59 -

Lunar Interlude V: Reunion Tour - Part 2

Episode 69 - Story and Song - Finale, Part Three Channels the light into an extremely powerful shielding spell possibly Abjuration Lucretia