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Festo is a magic professor at Hieronymous Wiggenstaff's School for Heroism and Villainy. Festo taught Sir Fitzroy Maplecourt how to summon a crab familiar and loves to party. Festo lives in the moment and has never had an ambition.

Festo uses they/them pronouns and has beautiful gossamer wings. They can appear as a glowing ball of light as well. Their voice is similar to that of classic MbMbaM character Amelie.

They have partied with the Undying Lord Gordy, and may be the child of known planewalker and embezzling janitor Clint McElroy.


"The Fairy-Folk live in the moment." (Episode 2)

"I want to party." (Episode 2)

"You don't know what I'm into!"

"It'sa me, Festoooo!"

"Festo dreams!"

"Festo has to get to a party now, goodbye!"