"That's right, motherfuckers, another elevator!"
-- Griffin McElroy, Ep. 19.
The Adventure Zone Podcast is really just a thinly veiled excuse for Griffin to unleash his true love of Fantasy Elevators on the world.

Canonical Elevators Edit

Wave Echo Cave Edit

There is an elevator described as "very medieval and very fantasy" by Griffin in the Wave Echo Cave.

Moonbase Edit

There is an elevator in the Bureau of Balance's Moonbase.

Goldcliff Trust Edit

There is a glass elevator in the Goldcliff Trust, extending 20 stories.

Lucas's Lab Edit

Lucas's Lab contains an elevator museum called The Magical World of Elevators. The museum includes "Upsy, Your Lifting Friend", "Upsy, the Rad Lifting Dude", and "The Elevator of Tomorrow".

In Ep. 68, Upsy is revealed to have been transformed into a mech. It's unclear if this voids their utility as an elevator.

The Quarry Edit

There is a freight elevator in Refuge's quarry. Originally this elevator was going to have a puzzle in it, but Griffin felt the puzzle was too similar to an earlier one, so he abandoned the idea.

Chaos Stadium Edit

In the Live Boston Stunt Spectacular live show, there is a service elevator that takes Taako to the catwalk above the arena. When introduced, Griffin states that it is "fulfilling our contractual obligation to have an elevator in this live episode" to much applause.


  • In Commitment - Episode 3, Griffin can be heard whispering "Hell yeah, elevator.." at the mention of said elevator.
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