A war-weary sect of Homininians defected to the resource-rich Delmer Wilds, to the north. They shunned magic in exchange for industry, building an acropolis of lumber and steel to rival Hominine‘s great citadels.Brother Seldom

The Delmer represent one of the four original nations present within the Ethersea campaign. They were known to be skilled with industry and mechanics, and were the second of the four nations to evacuate in the face of the coming apocolypse, choosing to entomb themselves within their distant mountain to form an underground city. A traveling group of Delmer stayed for a time with the coastal settlement of the Prologue, eventually donating various cultural artifacts in the form of blueprints, later taken to Founders' Wake, and taking any letters from the settlement's Delmer population (including the Boyar Hermine) back to their family members within the mountain.

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