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Clint McElroy is a minor character in the Balance, Amnesty, and Graduation arcs, as well as in Live Campaign 3: Holiday Brawl in Chicago. He is a known planewalker, and it has been established that he can walk from plane to plane and exist in different universes simultaneously[1]. He is an embezzling janitor in Tesseralia, and was once involved in an event at Whistles' Auto Shop in Kepler, West Virginia. He also shows up at Candlenights around Norilsk, and follows the crew to the North Pole. Several conflicting narratives have been given as to his origin, his true origin being unknown. He has two known children. Possibly a third. No, not the one you're thinking of.

The multiverse in which Clint McElroy lives is aptly named The Clintoris by Travis McElroy. "The Emil-verse" was also suggested, but as Griffin discovered, the "polls" chose for the former.

History[edit | edit source]

The Adventure Zone: Balance[edit | edit source]

  • While Magnus was giving the Tesseralia Losers a pep talk before the Big Game, Clint was in the corner providing commentary despite having been fired from the establishment two weeks ago for embezzlement. Magnus did not allow Clint to come on a celebratory camping trip with the now Tesseralia Winners, and ordered him to get back in his jail cell.
  • In Live in New Orleans! Clint appeared in the Celestial Plane, prompting much discussion about whether he was a god despite Clint's claims that it would be too complicated. Justin retcons that Clint leaves the Celestial Plane shortly before Merle appears, and the boys realize they've never seen Clint and Merle in the same place.

The Adventure Zone: Amnesty[edit | edit source]

  • During Amnesty, it is mentioned that Clint McElroy was once frozen in a block of ice as a publicity stunt for Whistles' Auto Shop, and Griffin confirms this Clint is the same planewalker who appeared in the Balance Arc.
  • In The Ballad of Bigfoot, Clint is mentioned as the one who hired Stephanie MacDuggins to babysit eleven year old Griffin McElroy, paying her seventeen dollars. He is confirmed the father of Griffin and Justin, though no mention is made of Travis.
  • In the Amnesty Halloween Special! Aubrey dresses as her favorite podcast character Magnus Burnsides, while Ned briefly jokes that he's dressed as Clint McElroy—implying that the McElroys, Clint included, all exist in the world of Amnesty and created the Balance Arc in-universe. As Griffin notes, the canon is "so fucked up at this point."
    • Strangely, Magnus being a fictional character in-universe is the only known evidence that Travis is one of Clint's sons in the Amnesty-verse, since he goes unmentioned in The Ballad of Bigfoot.

Holiday Brawl in Chicago![edit | edit source]

  • Clint shows up in Fjodor's I Love this Bar and Grill in Norilsk, Siberia. He dies horrifically, but his ghost continues to shadow the team as they attempt to beat Santa Claus's ass.
    • He also cameos in a flashback as a friend of Santa Claus', who babysits Santa's son Dirk Jingles every Christmas.

The Adventure Zone: Graduation[edit | edit source]

  • In Episode 4 "Four Sidekicks Walk Into A Bar...", Clint is shown waiting outside of Barns & Nobles in a planehopping car, as his son Justin is on a shopping trip inside.
  • In Episode 5 "What's Yours is Mined", likely calling back to the previous episode, Argo suggests to a Xorn from the elemental plane of earth to employ Clint's help in order to return to his plane. The Xorn, however, is disgusted by the terrible actions of the embezzling janitor.
  • In Episode 27 "Long Way Down", Clint eggs Fitzroy on to jump out of Festo's window for a second time, revealing himself to have been in Festo's office watching the two for an unknown period of time. Festo initially confuses his voice for Argo, but once they realize his identity they recognize him instantly as the planewalking wizard Clint McElroy, showing their encyclopedic knowledge of many powerful magic users.
    • It is offhandedly mentioned during this bit that Festo is another one of Clint's children. Though it was clearly a joke, so was the rest of the bit, and Clint's planewalking is little more than a running joke in execution, so it is unknown if this is canonical to the Clint lore or not.
    • From this bit came the name "Clintoris" for the planar multiverse through which Clint walks. Everyone hated it.

Featured Episodes[edit | edit source]

Episodes featuring Clint McElroy

Trivia[edit | edit source]

In real life (the Plane of Thought) Clint McElroy, the player, was once frozen in a block of ice at a used car dealership[1].

References[edit | edit source]

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