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The Chance Lance is a lance given to Magnus Burnsides by the goddess Istus.


The Chance Lance is the minute hand of the Refuge clock tower. It offers +1 to attack and damage rolls, and if dropped or thrown can be recalled back to the user. It is also able to pop time bubbles.

It is a woven, light metal you think might be Mithril and ends in a razor sharp point. It has a long straight base you can get a nice grip on and to recall the lance Magnus says "To me, Spear Friend"


  • In Episode 47, Istus pulls the minute hand from the collapsing clock tower and gifts it to Magnus. Next loop, he uses it to pop the bubble inside the well.
  • In Episode 49, Magnus uses the Chance Lance to slow down the Purple Worm, and later to pop the bubble around Refuge.
  • In Episode 53, Magnus attempts to ground a multiplying flying electrified bear by tying a wet rope with a grappling hook to the Chance Lance and then attaching the grappling hook to a piece of metal and throwing the Lance at the bear. He also says “you've been a bad boy, and you're grounded” as he throws the Lance.
  • In Episode 56, Magnus throws the Lance at a mannequin version of Jenkins. Later, he uses it to do a super sick baton/gun twirling exercise on the catwalk.
  • In Episode 57, Edward, in Magnus' body, and Magnus, in a mannequin body, both attempt to call the Chance Lance to themself. Real Magnus wins the charisma rolls and gets the Lance in a real Star Wars moment. Merle then casts the Ring of Grammarian-edited-spell "Divine Wood" on Magnus, who then channels divine energy through the Chance Lance and ejects Edward from his body.