Captain Captain Bain (Captain is his first name as well as his title) is a captain in the Goldcliff Militia and a Seeker for the Bureau of Balance.

Description[edit | edit source]

Capt. Captain Bain is a human man who has even more muscles than Magnus, who is very strong. He is described as "brick shithouse big," (as opposed to Magnus, who is merely oak shithouse big).

He has a very gruff voice, prompting Merle and Magnus to challenge him to a gruff-off, which he would have won handily had Clint not been possessed by some sort of gruff demon and caused the contest to be called off. Capt. Bain is the militia leader in the town of Goldcliff, and also a Seeker for the Bureau of Balance, and, as such, wears a bracer on his wrist. He’s undercover in Goldcliff though, and nobody knows about the BoB.

History[edit | edit source]

We first meet Capt. Captain Bain when the trio arrives in Goldcliff.[1] As they meet him, he is guarding the Goldcliff Trust where The Raven has holed herself up on the 20th Floor, and is causing generalized vine-based chaos. The trio asks if he’d like them to go in and get her, and he lets them know that that would be great.

Captain Bain has long suspected a relationship between Lt. Hurley and the criminal who goes by The Raven, but he’s never asked about it due to the headache it would create with HR.

Magnus writes Captain Bain a nice note before he leaves, so he’s definitely not worried about his Reclaimers when they go with Hurley.

Captain Captain Bain is tempted by the thrall of the Sash and attempts to poison the group in an attempt to take the Gaia Sash for himself, but is unsuccessful as the party recognizes that something is amiss. Captain Captain Bain is then possessed by a Red Robe, who forces him to drink the poison himself, and dies.

Items[edit | edit source]

Current Items[edit | edit source]

The dead have no items, especially after Taako is done with them.

Former Items[edit | edit source]

  • Badge
  • Vial of poison
  • Winnings of the Battle Wagon Race.

Featured Episodes[edit | edit source]

Episodes featuring Bain

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