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Islayunicorns Islayunicorns 14 July 2020

here's a question for yawls tax fans if you could pick/invent one monster to be in amnesty what monster would it be.

here's a question for yawls tax fans if you could pick/invent one monster to be in amnesty what monster would it be. and why

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Zobman64 Zobman64 3 March 2019

The Adventure Zone Character of the Day: Buzz Guy

BuzzGuy is one of the main villains in The Adventure Zone Podcast. He can enforce the opponents and one of Duck Newton's arch competitors as he carries a crosshair-shaped revolver Zone Gun firing lightning jolts at one or more creatures or human beings.

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Spacepigeon Spacepigeon 21 January 2019

Include MaxFunDrive episodes?

Hey folks!

I'm like really new to the TAZ Wiki, so I hope I'm not overstepping the mark by starting a discussion on this, but I was curious!

Are the admins planning to make articles about the MaxFunDrive episodes? I see there's some info about Adventure Zone (K)nights, but couldn't find anything much for MaxFunDrive episodes and extras, such as the beach episode, the backstory episode etc, so I was wondering if that was something that wasn't planned or if it is something that could be added!

As these eps are reserved only for MaxFunDrive donors, it's understandable not to add the whole plots/scripts on here, to keep those exclusive as intended, but it might be useful to make articles for them anyway, as there's not really a good comprehensive…

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DrTeatime DrTeatime 2 September 2017

Top Navigation for the Future

Hey again.

I've been thinking about how to change the top navigation bar to accommodate the multiple campaigns of the future and I have some ideas that I'd like to run by y'all.

I'm thinking we could remove the misc tab and let the sub-tabs be their own thing, structured something like:

  • Locations
    • Balance Arc Locations
      • various
      • Locations
      • Here
    • (K)nights Locations
      • I'm not familiar with Nights so idk if there even are enough locations to warrant this part
    • Commitment Locations
      • etc
      • etc
  • Items
    • Balance Arc Items
      • Grand Relics
      • etc
    • Commitment Items
      • etc
      • And so on

We also link to category pages several times, which is certainly functional, but I prefer being able to link to more structured pages since, if nothing else, it looks tidier. I've been thinking we could make list …

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DrTeatime DrTeatime 1 September 2017

New Image Galleries

Heyo, MysteryMix and Theshehulkproject.

Wikia has some new image galleries and I wanted to check if you're ok with me switching to them. You can check what they'd look like on any page by adding ?gallery=new to the url and I feel they look better than the current ones. 

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Theshehulkproject Theshehulkproject 11 August 2017

End of the Balance Arc Approaches!

Hi folks!

As next Thursday (probably, maybe) marks the end of the Balance Arc of The Adventure Zone, you may be wondering what's coming up next for the officially unofficial wiki! Great question!

In short, we're not going anywhere. We built this to be a wiki for the show, not just the Balance Arc. We may do a redesign (current design courtesy of user:DAVID.EXE), and will update the navigation as necessary, but we're not going anywhere. Whatever comes next, we're here for it!

All of the pages will be tagged with whatever the next arc is.

In the meantime, relive all the best parts of the Balance Arc by checking out all the cool content we've got around here:

  • Chapters
  • NPCs
  • Locations
  • Items
  • Music

If you're feeling generous with your time or you'd like to…

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