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Ballaster Hermine was a Delmer aristocrat (a role in which she was known as the Boyar Hermine) and significant figure in the formation of Founders' Wake, particularly in regards to government structure and organization. She was known to have a close friendship with Finneas Cawl. Following the city's establishment under the water, Hermine took up the post of High Ballaster, overseeing the government at large.

During the events of the Ethersea Prologues, Hermine chose to stay with the growing community of Founders' Wake, rather than join her parents and much of the other Delmer as they sealed themselves beneath a mountain in an effort to survive the coming storms. As of her first appearence in the main campaign, her last contact with them was a letter sent out with final artifact caravans making their return to the mountain, with no expectation of possible reply.

Twenty-five years later, Hermine seems to handling her position as High Ballaster with dedication and devotion, and expresses genuine concern for the safety of the people of Founders' Wake as she investigates various threats to the city.

Physical Appearance[]

Wears the Supreme Court justice style robe of the ballasters with a lot of jewelry and is "fucking working it."