Ash is an elf and a gambler from the town of Refuge. They are a regular in the Davy Lamp.

History Edit

When the Tres Horny Boys first meet them, they are wearing a "very slick" poncho and playing a one-on-one game with their Goliath friend in The Davy Lamp. They accept a bet from Merle that Magnus can beat their Goliath friend.

After Goliath wins, they hold out their hand to Merle and say, "Diamonds, pleeeeeeeease." Magnus and Merle then flee, not actually having any diamonds.

In another loop, they agree to attend Taako's seminar, Help Yourself, Cast Yourself Into Magic Legend, for nine diamonds.

Powers and Abilities Edit

They are an experienced magic user and have a very fancy wand tucked under their poncho.

Items Edit

  • Fancy wand
  • Poncho

Featured Episodes Edit

Episodes featuring Ash
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