Amnesty Lodge is a lodge located in Kepler that secretly houses the many monsters and cryptids that have been exiled from their homeworld, Sylvain.

Layout Edit

Entrance Edit

On the outside of the Lodge is a wooden sign hanging over the entrance that reads "Amnesty Lodge", and a wooden plank path cutting through a charming, well-tended garden, that leads up to the lobby.

Lobby Edit

The lodge's central lobby resembles a geodesic wooden dome. Branching off either side of this central hub are the lodge’s two guest wings, which have a natural log-cabin aesthetic, with lamplit verandas peeking out of each room.

In the rear of this lobby is a large open space with windows looking outward into the woods with dining tables and chairs scattered about. There’s also a cut-out window in this dining space into a small kitchen, there’s a small sign hanging in the entrance to one of those guest wings directing guests to a hot spring behind the building, and there’s a large hearth in the middle of this room.

Hot Springs Edit

Located behind the Amnesty Lodge. The energy inside the springs is used by the lodge's Sylvan residents as a way to feed and rejuvenate themselves, and occasionally by human residents and guests for recreation/relaxation.

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